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Breakfast Menu


Jamaican Breakfast

1. Ackee & Saltfish

2. Mackerel Rundown

3. Salted Mackerel

4. Fish Fillet, Steamed, Fried, Escoveitched

5. Steamed Callaloo with Saltfish

6. Corned Pork with Tomatoes and Onions

Served with a choice of 3 items, please choose form the following:

Fried Dumpling, Fried Breadfruit, Festival, Bammy, Boiled Dumpling, Yam, Boiled Green Bananas and Sweet Potato.


Assorted Breakfast

7. Continental Breakfast, fruits, toast with butter, jam and cheese, coffee, tea and juice.

8. Eggs, two any style served with toast.

9. Omelette, two eggs with cheese, tomatoes, onion and sweet pepper, served with toast.

10. Pancakes, 3 fluffy pancakes made from a vintage recipe, served with syrup or jam.

11. French Toast, 3 slices, served with syrup or jam.

12. Saltfish fritters, loaded with saltfish and lots of escallion.

13. Porridge, cornmeal or oats, served with toast and a boiled egg.

14. Crustless quiche, eggs baked with bacon or ham, cheese, onions and escallions, served with toast.



Coffee, fresh brewed, locally grown

Tea, Breakfast, Mint, Ginger

Orange Juice


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